Our business delivery service is becoming increasingly popular with companies and their employees. You too can use our service and create added value for the entire staff. The laundry can be delivered internally and will be returned freshly washed, cleaned and ironed in 3 days.

The advantages
– More time for your core business – no need to travel to and from the dry cleaners.
– Free pick-up and delivery, fixed delivery days. (e.g. Wednesday and Friday)
– Convenient payment by invoice, personalized by customer card.
– No personnel effort necessary, you only provide the offer.
– Indicative price for shirts: Fr. 3.90 per piece.

How does it work?
1. contact us by phone or register directly on this page at the bottom. We will also be happy to come to your location for a personal meeting.
2. if you wish, you will receive a company code and your employees can book your laundry directly on our website for the next pick-up.
3. we usually deliver to you 2 times a week during office hours
4. your employees deposit the laundry in a cotton bag provided by us.
5. after 3 days the linen is delivered in the protective linen cover on the hanger.
6. there are no delivery costs and you are conveniently billed by monthly invoice.

Advantages for your company
You simply provide a place where the laundry can be dropped off and picked up. (A room or a corner depending on the space available). The service is offered by Texsana, you don’t need a cost center and you don’t have personnel expenses, because the system works autonomously. The billing, thanks to the personal customer card, is done directly between us and the employees who use our service.


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