Curtain cleaning is a matter of trust!

Curtains absorb a large amount of dust particles and microorganisms in the household. Therefore curtains should be cleaned or washed regularly by a professional. We have the following cleaning options for curtains:

  • Dry cleaning “dry clean
  • Wet clean” wet cleaning
  • normal gentle washing

When cleaning and maintaining curtains, our employees keep a clear view. That’s why cotton, tulle, brocade, velvet and silk curtains like to come to us regularly. This is not only particularly gentle on the curtains, but also on their owners. Because our delivery service also takes care of dismantling, picking up, bringing and mounting (dismantling and mounting CHF 70.- per hour or part thereof).

Our repair service can shorten and repair curtains and replace defective gliders.

On request, we can impregnate your curtains or make them flame-retardant.


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