Care for these noble textiles and you will enjoy your special and valuable garments for years to come.

Leather textiles and furs are some of the most intensive garments that require many years of care and cleaning knowledge.

Processes and products tailored to the leather require special infrastructure and know-how in order to guarantee gentle and value-preserving care and cleaning. Only a handful of specialist companies have the appropriate know-how. Our partner company is one of them.


Care tips for cleaning:

  • Leather: at least every 2 years
  • fur: annually (preservation of fineness and suppleness of the animal skin)
  • Leather must be greased/oiled and impregnated. The re-greasing is done to prevent the hide from drying out (brittleness).

Our leather care offer includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Grease or oil again
  • Re-dying or colour refreshing
  • impregnate
  • Repairs or modifications of any kind

We would be happy to clean your clothes with us!


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